Geertje Foth

Studio for conservation and restoration

Examination / Scientific Analysis

All paintings are carefully examined to assess their condition and to determine the necessary treatment to be carried out. 
Our equipment allows us to employ various examination techniques:


Ultra-violet fluorescence examination and photography
Ultraviolet illumination is used to record information about the artist's use of medium, pigments and varnish, in addition to record areas of retouching and overpaining. 

Infrared Reflectography
Infrared reflectography and transmitted infrared imaging can give information about preparatory underdrawing. 

Cross section analysis
The examination of a cross section of a little sample, taken in the studio, can answer specific questions about materials (pigments, binding media, varnishes, etc.) and techniques. It also is helpfull in dating paint layers and finding out about over-paintings. 

In addition to the tests carried out by the studio, all other technical analysis is comissioned from outside specialists

· Chemical analysis of media ( Support, Pigments, Binding media,
  Varnishes etc.)

· X-radiography can give information about artists' technique and can 
  help to solve problems of attribution for example                                                             

All tests are digitally documented

Information / Consulting

We will gladly give you further information and advice.

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