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Conservation of Sculptures / Polychromed Surfaces

The polychromy of wooden sculptures/furnitures/objects relies on much the same techniques as panel paintings. Therefore conservation problems are often very similar to those encountered with panel paintings. 

Over centuries many wooden polychromed sculptures/furnitures/objects fell victim to unprofessional treatments such as primitive repairs, alterations, over-painting, over-gilding  or were simply stripped of their decoration to reveal the bare wood. 

In addition to being painted, polychromed sculptures/furnitures/objects are also very often gildet. Such complex, multilayered surfaces are extremely delicate and sensitive to many cleaning agents, therefore prior to any conservation treatment, a comprehensive technical examination of the wooden material, paint and gilded surfaces is necessary.

· Examination of historical polychromed surfaces

· Cross-sections and scientific analyses

· Consolidation of the flaking surface

· Cleaning

· Removing old over-paint or later renovations

· Condition reports

· Advise on display, packing and transport

The measures we take to preserve and restore, all take into account the most modern standards of practice. Nevertheless we always consider the historical techniques and traditionel materials. 


Details in conservation/restoration measures see: Sculptures and Polychromed Surfaces/Laquerwork


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